To understand it in the simplest way, digital marketing means the use of digital technology for marketing. Most people are not confused about digital but about marketing. You can market your brands using traditional methods or you can use the computer technology to reach many more. To understand the distinct strengths of digital marketing you must know how it differs from traditional marketing. I will avoid a discussion of branding here for the sake of simplicity.

Tools of digital marketing:

  • websites and microsites
  • blogs
  • social media : facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest
  • email marketing
  • text messaging

Strengths of digital marketing:

  • low costs
  • deeper penetration (high reach)
  • convenient to design and run (digital marketing campaigns)

Tools of traditional marketing:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • TV
  • outside advertising like Billboard
  • Strengths of traditional marketing:
  • focused and nice reach (not as much as digital campaigns)
  • still effective in some areas like a billboard on a busy street in a metropolitan city

The biggest strength of digital marketing is that it can help you grow faster and reach a larger audience without investing as much as you have to in traditional methods. YouTube video marketing can help you reach millions without spending a fortune. Facebook and twitter are also good for running marketing campaigns (paid and unpaid both). The basic difference between the two (dgital and traditional) lies in the cost and speed. Digital helps you reach your audience faster — you can run real time campaigns and reach your audience within seconds after you laid an ad. The cost is generally much lower when you compare with the traditional methods.

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