There are a few things that will help you understand the entire context. First is the environment and the second is the mindset. All people do not have an entrepreneurial mindset and neither are all very good in terms of risk taking. Your environment also affects whether a job is better for you or entrepreneurs hip. Entrepreneurship is hot but there are risks; and hurdles associated with it which you must understand before trying to move away from your job.

It is not just about investment, risk taking and financial risks, but you should know that not all ideas are successful. Many start ups have failed and there is no clear reason behind it because you are taking a chance against several odds.

When a job is good:

  • You are getting a nice salary.
  • have a fixed role to play.
  • you like working with people.
  • You enjoy your water cooler moments.
  • You do not like taking risks or consider unwanted risks not worth taking.
  • You have good skills that you believe can afford you a nice job with a great salary in the market.

When entrepreneurship is good:

  • Your job suffocates you.
  • You are a risk taker feeling underutilized in your job.
  • You think you can better calculate risks and your idea is definitely going to create an impact.
  • You can push hard and work longer to make your idea successful.
  • You have the skill to recognize opportunities and turn them into profitable ventures.

Otherwise you can be satisfied and happy in traditional job and can also find better work life balance in it. Entrepreneurship is good and if you succeed you know you can earn much more than you expected. But rather than jumping onto the bandwagon, you must first know the risks and challenges.

[1] Entrepreneurship versus Employment: Which one is better?

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