Sources of competitive Advantage for Coca Cola

Abhijeet Pratap
2 min readApr 21, 2019

In the 21st century with the level of competition very high, it is imperative for every brand to have more than one sources of competitive advantage. A long lasting and sustainable competitive advantage is not possible without having some critical strengths. Every brand in today’s environment is fighting to gain a leadership status and to earn it building a competitive advantage is more essential than anything else. Coca Cola is a industry leading brand of soda products. However, the brand’s popularity rests on some critical strengths which have helped it create sustainable competitive advantage. Here are some of these sources of competitive advantage that have made Coca Cola an unbeatable brand in the global industry. Some of the most important things to know about Coca Cola is its celebrity status in the soda market, its financial strength, a large array of flavors and its worldwide popularity.

  • Global presence and brand image:

One of the chief strengths of Coca Cola is its global presence. The brand is present in more than 200 countries. Both its name and logo are easily recognized among the huge crowd of brands. Brand image is also a key strength . Coca Cola’s brand image is connected with the young generation and represents energy and youthfulness. This is a key strength which shows that it is a brand loved by youth around the world. Most of its customers are in the age range of 13 to 35. Global expansion also means higher sales and better revenues.

  • Large supply and distribution network:

Coca Cola has one of the largest supply and distribution networks in this world.

  • Marketing capabilities: Coca Cola invests a lot in marketing. In 2018, it invested around 4.1 Billion dollars in advertising and promotions.
  • Financial strength:
  • Investment in HR and IT:
  • Flavors and packaging:

These are the most important factors that have helped Coca Cola become a market leading soda brand. Behind every great brand there are some major sources of competitive advantage which help it remain at the lead in the market. Competition is intense in the soda industry and unless for these great strengths, Coca Cola would have been lagging behind Pepsi, its nearest competitor.