How Boba escaped the sarlacc pit

Boba’s escape from the sarlacc pit
Boba escapes sarlacc pit (credit:

How did Boba Fett escape the sarlacc pit?

Boba gets to the storm trooper and draws from its oxygen supply. Stormtroopers carried oxygen tanks on their backs with 20 minutes of emergency supply. Following that, Boba uses the flamethrower to light up the inner belly of the sarlacc and it helps him make some more space and get out of there.

Boba Fett does not crawl out of the sarlacc’s mouth but avoids its long and pointed teeth and busts out from under the sand near its mouth. Sarlaccs are nearly immobile creatures and cannot move to get to the prey. Outside the sarlacc pit, Boba lies in the scorching sun and faints a few seconds later. The rest of the story including Jawas looting his armor and the Tuskens holding him captive follows from there.

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