Google’s marketing strategy

Many people feel confused over whether Google has a marketing strategy or not. It does have a marketing and branding strategy and now it is also spending on promoting its search engine through ads. At the root is Google’s brand image. Its image of a customer friendly brand has two important pillars. First it is a user friendly brand and most of its products are so friendly to use that even kids do not have a problem using them. from their search engine to the Google maps, all of them are fun to use. Second, is the price factor. Its products are not just good quality, for individual users many of them are nearly free. So, its products are affordable and accessible. Both these factors are effective in terms of marketing. An easy to remember name is easier to market.

You can also understand it in terms of Google’s branding strategy. It is a brand that has grown popular based on utility. Chrome is definitely a great browser. Google plus has not been able to provide the kind of utility that Facebook and Twitter can and still it has got a nice user base. As in case of Apple, great marketing begins from great products.. Google too has brought some matchless products to the market. This was the product part.. Google has also managed to balance the price part of its marketing game. However, that does not mean it does not have to spend on marketing and advertising. In the Asian markets, it is promoting its search engine through television ads. The search engine is available in local languages too. Now, it is a household name and in the technological circles and IT industry, you know the value and special importance that its name holds. To learn more, have a look at its marketing as to understand how its marketing strategy has progressed through these years.. Marketing Mix of Google.

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