Ezoic AI to grow ad revenue from your blog

What is EZOIC: A Brief Introduction

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner and an AI and machine learning based platform for revenue optimization for bloggers and content publishers.

“Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner and the leading provider in AI technology for content creators worldwide. Ezoic’s automated ad testing platform uses machine learning to customize ad locations, sizes & quantities on a per-user basis — guaranteeing all readers have a positive experience on your site, while maximizing ad revenue at the same time. Most publishers see at least a 50% increase in revenue.”

Who needs Ezoic?

If you are a blogger, a content publisher or a website owner dealing with declining or static revenue and want a solution to grow earnings from your current ad partner, you must try Ezoic. Prior to joining, I had tried several solutions from changing ad positions to themes, hosting and alternative ad widgets. None of them really worked, and I realised I needed something that could take care of everything from cpm to ad placement and settings. Ezoic is an AI enabled solution to help you offer an optimized ad experience on your website.

Advertising revenue is influenced by several factors including content quality, theme, ad positioning, user experience and also the types of ads served on your website. However, managing all of them is not possible for a blogger working day and night to produce good quality content.

Publishers are also dealing with ad blockers which consume a lot of publisher revenue. Content publishers need a consistent source of income so they can produce more content without worrying for their hosting and other expenses. Ezoic offers a solid solution to all these problems and while you can maximize revenue from your website, you can also deliver an improved reading experience. Ezoic is a Google-certified, AI and machine learning based advertising management platform which helps bloggers and content publishers manage their revenue with the help of easy to use advertising and SEO tools and techniques. Moreover, most bloggers depend on a single source of revenue or a single ad partner like Adsense. Ezoic works with many more advertising partners including media.net which means higher auction pressure and earnings growth.

Ezoic compared with other ad networks.
Ezoic earnings compared to other networks.

Are there any charges for joining?

There are no charges for joining. Ezoic is completely free to use. Once the 30 days trial is over, you can opt-in for their ad-supported revenue model. Ezoic places one ‘single ad unit’ below the fold on the Ezoic versions of the site from which they collect revenue. If you do not want them to place this ad, you can opt for the paid option where you pay a fixed monthly fee.


How much can my revenue increase with Ezoic?

There is a significant growth in revenue in most cases. Most publishers have experienced at least a 50% increase in revenue within 4–8 weeks of testing. As the machine learning continues to collect data about your site and your users’ preferences, revenue will continue to grow week after week. User engagement will also improve if you use the other tools offered by Ezoic. This is the case with nearly every publisher. In my case, site revenue grew by around 80% within 8 weeks and after 12–14 weeks I am experiencing more than 140% growth in overall revenue (higher on the weekends — upto 200%). So, had it not been for Ezoic, I would have kept losing a lot of revenue. Some months ago when I moved my site to ssl, it experienced a sudden and significant drop in revenue. However with Ezoic, revenue was back on track and while I worried about the results in the first week, by the second it was clear that Ezoic was the best option I had. Take a look at how my earnings improved over weeks.

Earnings grow with Ezoic.
Earnings improved sharply after 4 weeks and tremendous growth followed passing 8 weeks.

I have seen several bloggers who depend on Adsense for revenue move back to http some months after they enabled ssl. The drop in revenue must have forced them to do so. However, Google now shows a ‘not secure’ warning in the browser for non-ssl sites. In case you have a website with ssl enabled and your revenue has dropped, try Ezoic instead of removing ssl. According to my own observation over the last several weeks, most publishers showed very high level of satisfaction from Ezoic’s performance on their websites.

Take a look at Ezoic’s 2019 Publisher Performance Report:

Here are a few of the average results:

How to integrate my website with Ezoic?

Ezoic has several integration methods, but the most convenient and effective options are via nameservers or Cloudflare. By connecting with Ezoic’s CDN, you will gain access to their advanced caching and site speed apps, powered by Amazon’s cloud services. You can also integrate with their WordPress plugin, but the caching, SSL and site speed apps are not available with this option.

I prefer the cloudflare method because this is the easiest integration method. There is a free version of cloudflare or you can buy a pro membership which costs only $20. You just need to install the cloudflare app in your Ezoic account and login from there. That’s all about Cloudflare integration. Otherwise, you can point your nameservers to Ezoic’s or use their wordpress plugin. However, you can avoid a lot of technical hassles by using cloudflare and there will be no waiting time for DNS propagation either. You can also decide how much of your website traffic you send to the Ezoic version of your website on each device.

How does Ezoic Calculate my earnings?

The process is a little different from Adsense. Ezoic uses a different metrics to measure revenue which is called EPMV. This is something like Adsense RPM but instead of page views, EPMV considers number of visitors. It means Earnings per Thousand Visitors. The reason Ezoic uses EPMV to measure publisher revenue is because it provides a more accurate picture and considers more factors that affect revenue compared to RPM.

What are the other features of Ezoic?

There are several more features in your Ezoic account aimed at driving higher visitor engagement, better loading speed and an overall great reading experience. Some of the best features are here:

  1. Big Data Analytics — It’s a reporting platform that ties in real-time revenue reporting alongside user engagement metrics. It allows you to better understand your traffic and revenue at a more granular level. There are several features included in the Big Data analytics which will help you understand how individual pages are performing in terms of EPMV and user engagement. I really love this feature because it is relevant both in terms of SEO and user engagement. You can check out which pages are performing best in terms of revenue and what are the best performing topics and areas. 1,500–2,500 words long posts perform best on my website in terms of overall number of visitors and revenue. You can find more such reports or create your own custom reports using Big Data analytics. The report will also tell you how long users are interacting with particular posts. I create new posts considering these factors which drives revenue and helped me achieve higher user engagement and satisfaction rate.

Measure and track:

  1. Engagement time
  2. Session earnings by page
  3. Revenue by page word count
  4. Pageviews by article length
  5. Revenue by page load times
  6. Trends in returning visitors
  7. Navigation bounce paths
  8. DOM interactive rate
  9. And much more…

Things you could discover:

  1. New vs returning visitors preferred article length
  2. Word counts that earn highest total revenue
  3. Most valuable landing pages by article length
  4. What landing page word count produces that longest sessions
  5. Revenue by page load time
  6. How page speed impacts page engagement
  7. Page engagement by traffic source
  8. And much more…

GDPM Consent Management App

  2. GDPR and Ezoic’s Consent Management App: How it Works

Site Speed App

The site Speed App by Ezoic manages different aspects of website speed. It has some great features for optimizing site speed so that your web pages load faster. Site speed is important not just from the SEO point of view but also for conversion and revenue. Install the site speed app from the Ezoic app store (inside your ezoic account) and then test your site’s loading speed. The app will give you suggestions to optimize loading speed and you can accordingly set your choices in the app. Create a version with recommended features. There are four main features included in the site speed app which your site can benefit from. These features include CSS and image optimization as well as static asset cache policy and preconnect. Many bloggers use preconnect for adsense, analytics and cdn. The site speed app renders critical css into the head tag, removes unused css and serves a minified version to the visitors. You can also resize and lazy load images or serve them in next Gen formats using the site speed app.

How Ezoic Benefits Site Speed and Performance

Ezoic has kept improving its technology and added several new features. Big Data Analytics is one of them which presents a detailed view of your visitors data and how they are interacting with your website. To sum up the benefits of Ezoic, while your revenue will surely increase, user engagement rate will also be better. Using Ezoic is not difficult at all. If you are using Cloudflare for integrating with Ezoic, the process is even easier. Apps and other features are also simple to use and you can switch Ezoic on or off with just a click. Making changes to your settings and trying new ones is absolutely easy. Anyone who manages a blog/website will find Ezoic easy to use.

You can also have a floating sidebar ad while using Ezoic. The number of ads on each page will be higher and since Ezoic is a certified Google partner, the auction pressure is also greater. It has partnered so many ad networks that there is no shortage of inventory. They choose high paying ads from the various ad networks. Therefore, the overall revenue is definitely going to be higher than you can generate with either Adsense or any other ad network. Initially, when you join, Ezoic will do the testing and test different layouts and ad sizes to select the ones which work best for your site.

Ezoic layout tester.

While results will start showing in your account right from the first week, you will experience a significant improvement in 6–8 weeks.

Another important benefit for the Ezoic users is the customer service. It is one of the best things about working with Ezoic. Things are quite transparent and your rep will keep you informed about any upcoming changes, updates or technical things you need to know. Their customer service reps are incredible and just as accessible as they are responsible. There is also a community on Ezoic where you can discuss with fellow bloggers and learn new things.

So, overall Ezoic has a large collection of apps and features to make blogging a lot pleasant and profitable experience for you. If you find anything difficult to understand, your customer rep is always willing to take questions. Initially, I too was a bit skeptical and unwilling to try any ad management platform. To some, it may even sound unbelievable that their ad revenue can grow by 200% but it’s true since with each passing week, my results have kept getting better and better. It will need a little bit of patience and some skill but Ezoic will not make you wait for long. Within 4 to 8 weeks you will mark some significant improvement. After that…just enjoy the everlasting peace.

I like being a bit greedy in terms of revenue, however not without considering user experience. Even with an improvement of around 150% in ad revenue, I believe the best might be yet to come. Yes, you can expect results to be as good given you are willing to learn and adapt a bit. Otherwise, focusing on both ads and content at the same time can frustrate. I have launched a second blog which I plan to add to Ezoic in a few months once the number of visitors grows. With higher earnings from my first blog, it is now possible to find more time to brainstorm for new topics and blogging ideas.




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