Andor Season 1 Episode 1

Abhijeet Pratap
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What happens in the first episode of Andor?

Andor’s first episode of season 1 begins with Andor reaching Morlana one to search for his lost younger sister. He visits a brothel and meets a woman who tells him a woman from Kenari was working there but she left months ago. Morlana One is a corporate zone. Two company employed guards who see Andor inside the brothel decide to mess with him and confront him in the streets. Andor kills both of them and escapes to Ferrix where he lives with his mother Maarva.

In flashbacks, Andor remembers his childhood. His sister called him Kassa. A starship had crashed over their village in Kenari.

The next morning he sees his droid B2EMO and then meets his friend Brasso whom he asks to lie for him. He tells Brasso that they could make up a story about them drinking together at his home last night. Brasso agrees.

At the security headquarters, Deputy Inspector Karn meets Chief Hyne and presents a report regarding the two murders the previous night. The chief does not want the case to be highlighted since he did not want to be held answerable before his superiors. However, Karn decides to carry on his investigation despite the chief’s warning.

andor episode 1 season 1

Andor goes to meet Bix Caleen. She works in Timm Karlo’s salvage yard. Andor asks her to call the secret client who had wanted to see him. He has an untraceable NS-9 Starpath Unit that he wanted to sell to the client. Bix denies first but later agrees when Andor tells her he needed money urgently. Her lover Timm Karlo does not like Andor much.

Deputy inspector mobilizes his resources to search for the guy looking for a Kenari woman in the leisure zone of Morlana One last night. He decides to track Andor’s ship and spots it in the traffic log.

He tries to find out more information about Andor and Kenari but is unable to find anything conclusive. So, he decides to put out a bulletin on Ferrix regarding a Kenari male wanted for questioning and asks the officers to slam every communication channel on Ferrix.

Bix goes to a contact who had kept a secret communication device that she uses to contact her secret customer. However, Timm Karlo tries to follow her but loses her track in the streets. Bix reaches her contact’s shop. He has kept the communication device hidden in his yard inside a large chimney. Bix contacts her client.

Andor knocks against a junk dealer named Nurchi in the streets. He owes Nurchi some money and he wants it back. However, he cleverly manages to get away from there.

Andor decides to change the ID chip log of the ship he had used last night and goes to the yard where it is parked. While he is swapping the chip logs, Pegla, who had lent him the ship, finds it out and rebukes Andor. He tells Andor that he must not expect any more favors from him and not to ask for the ship again.

In flashbacks, Kenari guys and girls are going to the crash site to salvage anything that they might find on the ship.

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