A Brief Overview of Accenture’s Business Model

Accenture is among the world’s leading professional services companies with around 505,000 employees and serves clients in a wide range of industries. It has divided its business into three geographic regions that include North America, Europe, and the growth markets. The growth markets include Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Its services are organized into five operating groups on the basis of industries they serve -

1. Communications, Media & Technology -

The first group communications and media accounted for around 51% of the communications, media & technology segment’s revenue in 2018. It serves the leading wireline, wireless, broadcast, entertainment, print, publishing, cable, and satellite communications service providers of the world. The high tech industry group accounted for around 25% of the net revenues of the communications, media, and technology segment of Accenture, and the software and platforms group accounted for around 24%.

2. Financial Services -

The Banking and capital markets industry group accounted for around 72% of the entire revenue of the financial services segment. The insurance industry group, on the other hand, accounted for around 28% of the net revenues of the entire financial services group.

3. Health & Public Services -

The health and public service operating segment is comprised of two separate operating groups which are — 1. Health and 2. Public service. The first of the two subgroups accounted for around 38% of the total net revenues of the group in 2018 whereas the second accounted for around 62%.

4. Products -

It is divided into three subgroups that include — 1. Consumer Goods, Retail & Travel Services 2. Industrial 3. Life Sciences The first of three subgroups accounted for 55% of the entire net revenues of the Product operating segment of Accenture. The second one (Industrial) accounted for around 26% of the net revenues of the entire Products operating segment and the third (Lifesciences) accounted for around 19% of the net revenues of the entire operating segment.

5. Resources -

The chemicals & natural resources group accounted for around 30% of the resources operating segment’s net revenues. The energy industry group and utilities each accounted for 27% and 43% of the operating segment’s net revenues respectively.

Sources: https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/PDF-89/Accenture-Fiscal-2018-Annual-Report.pdf#zoom=50

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