5C Analysis of Walmart

What is a 5C Analysis?

A 5C analysis of Walmart:


Operating model of Walmart:

  • Supply chain innovation
  • Efficient Distribution system
  • Technological innovation
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • 1. Grocery and consumables
  • 2. Fuel and other categories
  • 3. Home and apparel
  • 4. Technology, office, and entertainment
  • 5. Health and wellness.

Walmart & the US Retail Industry

Walmart’s Record Breaking Performance:


The Kroger Company:


Home Depot:

Walgreens Boots Alliance:




Best Buy:



PEST Analysis of Walmart




Blog editor and founder notesmatic.com

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Abhijeet Pratap

Abhijeet Pratap

Blog editor and founder notesmatic.com

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